Participants to High Level Conference on Food Integrity and Authenticity endorsed a set of recommendations to promote integrity of products in the food chain June 29, 2016

Food operators call on the Commission and national authorities to recognise the private initiatives established to guarantee food integrity and authenticity in the food chain. Close cooperation amongst the authorities and food operators shall also continue and be strengthened to tackle food fraud. These recommendations to promote food integrity and authenticity in the food chain were endorsed by more than 100 participants during a high level conference organised by CELCAA, EURO COOP and UECBV and hosted by DG SANTE in Brussels on 24th June

Full report of the event can be found here. Link to the ppt presentation are included in the report, as well as pictures of the conference. The press release is available here. The set of recommendations is available here

CELCAA Secretary-General, Pascale Rouhier, said “From the start, the EU agri-food chain has been a strong supporter of an ambitious EU-Japan FTA. I hope that expectations from the sector will be met in terms of tariffs elimination, and the removal of non-tariff barriers impacting EU exports. We also welcome the fact that Japan has agreed to recognise the EU system of Geographical Indications (GIs) to protect our agri-food products from imitations. Such a deal could result in a significant increase in our exports of high-value added products to Japan”.

Press release is available here