The new European Parliament takes stock of the EU agri-food trade priorities November 06, 2014

The European Parliament Members have acknowledged the crucial role played by the trade in the agri-food chain as they connect producers to consumers, through distribution capacities and services. CELCAA asked for the Parliament’s support for ambitious market access in FTA’s being negotiated with trading partners including tackling non-tariff barriers, export bans or tariff issues. 

CELCAA, the European Umbrella representing the agri-food trade, organised a lunch-debate hosted by MEP Daniel Caspary, EPP coordinator at INTA, at the European Parliament on the 5th November 2014. Members of European Parliament had the opportunity to exchange with representatives of the trade on technical and horizontal issues, and from various commodities’ sectors. Participants included Members of European Parliament Mr. Andrieu, Mr. Dantin, Ms. Herranz-Garcia, Mr. Landsbergis, Ms. Mosca, Mr. Pabriks, Mr. Proust, Mr. Zalba-Bidegain; political advisers; INTA Secretariat and more than 30 experts from trade sectorial associations. 

Press release is available here

CELCAA Document "Our Priority: Trade for a Better Market" is available here.