22.08.2014:CELCAA at 2014 WTO Public Forum August 21, 2014

CELCAA panel on agriculture and SPS issues will take place on 3rd October 2014, from 11am to 1pm, Room B at WTO Secretariat, Geneva. 

Speakers include Traders in agricultural products, Monique Goyens, EU Consumers' Organisation (BEUC) Director General, Codex Alimentarius Representative.

CELCAA working session will discuss the role of the agri-food trade in connection with consumers’ needs and expectations. Traders play a crucial role on the market as they connect producers to consumer, making the delivery of goods efficient, affordable and secure to consumers worldwide. Despite the promotion of international standards in the field of food safety, animal welfare and protection of the environment, non-tariff measures remain significant. Development of regional higher standards brings additional issues, such as the capacity to compete on a global market. At the same time, some sectors, like wine, pioneered a process of increasing convergence of standards across jurisdictions to the benefits of consumers. The presentations and debate will discuss how to reconcile facilitation of trade, while meeting legitimate standards protecting health, safety, animal and the environment.

For more information on the 2014 Public Forum, please visit: http://www.wto.org

CELCAA Secretary-General, Pascale Rouhier, said “From the start, the EU agri-food chain has been a strong supporter of an ambitious EU-Japan FTA. I hope that expectations from the sector will be met in terms of tariffs elimination, and the removal of non-tariff barriers impacting EU exports. We also welcome the fact that Japan has agreed to recognise the EU system of Geographical Indications (GIs) to protect our agri-food products from imitations. Such a deal could result in a significant increase in our exports of high-value added products to Japan”.

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